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A Writer’s Scroll

Art by THE Michael Whelan

Reading Fantasy Novels has made my life better. Now I want to write some that can make yours better too.

I’m a Moreno born in New York City. I’ve always sought to use my time escaping into the mystical worlds of Erikson, Sanderson, King, and Prachett. I also love Webtoons, Manhwa, Manga, Anime, and Webnovels(ikr). For the past 10 years I’ve been delving deep into all of these; but I always had a problem.

  1. When reading famous Epic novels, the use of tropes always stymied my enjoyment, this seems like an impossible bore every reader must submit to. Strength building and character growth, which are necessitated in dominance-hierarchies we find inherent in most epics, are marginally important compared to cliches in the industry that we can’t seem to wean ourselves from.
  2. WebToons and Asian Web-Novels provide the satisfactory growth and peerless abilities for their characters so many fiction reader here in the west seek. Unfortunately, they fall short of respecting one’s suspension of disbelief, often time’s offering lackluster or far-fetched rationale’s for immensely integral moments within the story.

That’s why I’m here, I want to bring the character growth and sound worldview of Epic’s to the battleground of High Magic Worlds; WITH reason to exist. My goal as a writer is to regulate the vast and wild dreams of the reader, against the most plausible plot devices. And I will not stop until I win or I die.

So here we are. Here is my amateur blog, and my excerpts from my ridiculous fantasy novels as well. I write everyday so maybe in the future I’ll create a Patreon to link some exclusive daily content. Right now though, these are my best attempts. Thanks for the time!

Book of Unawares (inspired by Ross Gay’s “Book of Delights” & Professor Youssef)

I am unaware of your reaction to my person. These words included, there is a measure of fear spooned into my every interaction with the world around me. As if by some force unknown to my conscious mind but ever present within my senses, I’ve come to a place where the recognizable world is changedContinue reading “Book of Unawares (inspired by Ross Gay’s “Book of Delights” & Professor Youssef)”

Y’all, I just wanna graduate.

I’ve been kind of overwhelmed but writing just a bit. This is a work made for class ~1500 words. Love y’all! Tomin     Long ago, the waveform valleys skirting The Rocky Mountain Range were largely untouched. Along with any traces of its native life, frigid temperatures and winds rocketing from slopes ten thousand feet highContinue reading “Y’all, I just wanna graduate.”

Having some fun with logic

Here is more practice. I try to practice everyday for as long as possible, but my productions are not usually as fun to read. Here is me focusing on voice and all that jazz. Excerpt : Story of a Mage Over the course of my youth schooling at the Iuden’s Sonorium, a saying became popularContinue reading “Having some fun with logic”


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