Having some fun with logic

Here is more practice. I try to practice everyday for as long as possible, but my productions are not usually as fun to read. Here is me focusing on voice and all that jazz. Excerpt : Story of a Mage Over the course of my youth schooling at the Iuden’s Sonorium, a saying became popularContinue reading “Having some fun with logic”

Man Attempts to Burn the Sea

Here is a continuance from yesterday, step by step by step. Story of Mages – 🙂  After a splash of salty water to his face and neck, he removed the bedraggled holy Tempe, revealing a set underneath of curtly shorn black leather, light armor. Buttons and pockets made up most of the armor’s surface, eachContinue reading “Man Attempts to Burn the Sea”

Practicing Dialogue, Scene Movement, Different Types of Foreshadowing.

I like to wake up early in the morning and watch the sunrise but no matter how many times I see it I know I can never speak the entirety of it’s beauty into my work. But I can try over and over and over. Surely, I’ll get it right someday. At least that’s whatContinue reading “Practicing Dialogue, Scene Movement, Different Types of Foreshadowing.”

Break Your Bull

Been reading some Bukowski lately. Read “Brave Bull” out loud to others at recent networking events and poetry slams as well. Is it age that brings concepts to his mind that spear me? If not wisdom, then what more? Anyway, I had a lot of fun working with others to gain insights on the poems.Continue reading “Break Your Bull”

Writing Consistently is a Thing, WoW!😞

“Many believe the nature of our realm to be altruistic. As man toils, tortured beneath the weight of all things he finds unbearable, in such toil will man find provenience. ‘The impediment to action,(Marcus Aurelius)’ or some such rendering. Caelum believed the price of such laziness to be, arguable in the least of prospects; andContinue reading “Writing Consistently is a Thing, WoW!😞”

Working on Tempo/Dialogue/Introduction

Out of Chaos, A Dancing Star Upon a long-table holding the whole of a realm, and all of it’s treasured bounty, a colorful cast of players gather. Their expressions are indifferent, inquisitive, and none bear resemblances to any other. There are seven who gather at the Grand Table. Each approaches the Deus Iudant’s bounty likeContinue reading “Working on Tempo/Dialogue/Introduction”

Spicy Virtus Testing. Chapter 2-Citadel:Paele

Hi Y’all, I been busy, busy lately with life; trying to forget the world that exists around me. Haha. . . Aren’t we all? Anyway, I am really trying to push myself to use all the conventional tools and applications writer’s use. It’s taking practice and developing this art style is really exciting, but theContinue reading “Spicy Virtus Testing. Chapter 2-Citadel:Paele”

Progression Fantasy: Why?

Hey Y’all, I hope everything is going well with you guys! The gravitational pull of my bed has only become stronger and stronger as time has gone on recently, but work is still being done! My issues today lay with the genre of Progression Fantasy. With just over 7 thousand followers on the sub-reddit; IContinue reading “Progression Fantasy: Why?”

What AM I doing?

Hey Y’all, It feels like the world is heaving itself up, and just dropping itself off into the closest, steepest hole! Everything is messed up! The economy sucks, our education system sucks, your mother’s cooking sucks! Ok, maybe not all of that, but its hard to find good media on the internet that isn’t trashingContinue reading “What AM I doing?”

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