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Award Winning Poetry: Let’s Make It

I’m looking to win a few awards in poetry competitions this year, and for this I took time to rethink my perspective on writing in general. My (imagined) award-winning piece would be written poetry about some state of the human condition that the reader would find a bit hard to relate to without the use of poetry. For inspiration, I start off reading some poetry to sound out my burgeoning poem’s melody. Then I’ll scribble emotive states or establish word relationships on some paper that fits with the melody. After that, I just write the poems that will have their thematic meanings most powerfully enhanced by the poetics(confluence of melody, emotive tone, and connotation).

Surely, my methods are more exacting than running yarn through the spindle. Either way. Here’s an example of one poem I used for inspiration, which impelled the writing of the following two below.

Right now, I personally can’t get over the old romantics. Heinrich Heine is that guy.

To Edom!

WITH each other, brother fashion,
Have we borne this many an age.
Thou hast borne with my existence,
And I borne have with thy rage.

Many a time, in days of darkness,
Wonder-strange hath been thy mood,
And thy dear and pious talons
Hast thou reddened in my blood.

Now our friendship groweth closer;
Nay, it waxeth daily now:
I myself begin to bluster
And am nigh as mad as thou.

© by owner. provided at no charge for educational purposes

Heine (hie-ny) is ranked #184th most popular poet on Earth; and he died in 1856. Something he did was right, so I tried (err…attempted) to capture some of that with my most recent poems. Can’t forget though, my goal as a fantasy writer is to add poignant abstraction, kinda like a devious UX designer.

Starting off easy with this poem I wrote in class early this semester.

Ivy Tree

“Ivy Tree? Ivy Tree?!

Where might you be?”

“I be the I be tree,

Here is where Ivy.”

Yes it is stupid to a superfluous degree. What should I care? The poem served it’s job as a distraction for me during those interminable last five minutes of class we all have where you can do nothing but think of the fact that you’re getting a degree in Creative Writing…

And here we go with a piece I’d like to move forward with for my novel. This ballad adapted from the (non-existent) novel’s traditional version for a character’s monologue.

(No Spoilers :X)

Warriors’ Ballad 


Lay your back behind me,

I will be your shield,

though blood and sin defy me,

through art, we may all heal!

No love I’m bereft, so why must stars trickle down on me?

Unlinked myself, yet incapable of thine capital despondencies!

Scars borne, now dirt-trodden, left to redden with blood the fields, 

Men I mourned, nearly forgotten,

A score o’ comrades who lost their shields.


Lay your back behind me,

I will be your shield,

Though blood and sin defy me,

Through art, we may all heal!

The silver threads of dreamed hope, mirages in my distance

I walk an edge, faithless, rote. My cuts are basal bleedings.

For what is there to bring me from despairs so unrelenting? 

Their unmet stares; a hero now? My soul is unrepentant.

“I must find solace,  

But where to start?

My heart is slowly ripping!”

In depth dark ocean,

She came with Art,

calmed threads with gentle,

lonely pickings.

Convergence in triplicate is extremely rare, but the maddened eye will see what it wants. Use of poetry in my novel will be singularly focused on showing the reader what the madman sees, and adding to any perception of insanity therein.

By Krewi

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