Having some fun with logic

Here is more practice. I try to practice everyday for as long as possible, but my productions are not usually as fun to read. Here is me focusing on voice and all that jazz.

Excerpt : Story of a Mage

Over the course of my youth schooling at the Iuden’s Sonorium, a saying became popular amongst the staff and students, most often of my year. First spoken as a rebuttal, my words soon came to be repeated in the gasping throes of many-a Wyrmage’s death. 

“Corruption is to empowerment, as change is to corruption.”

 That phrase more than any other grasped in its possession the oxymoronic logic of this generation’s Triarchy. Also held within, were the ideologies unspoken of Iuden’s most recent graduating class, in this new conflict with the Sychpan’s from Journaea. 

Some could understand such conflicts as they came about, a result of miscommunications that occur often in discourses between the upstart Sapiens of different species. Other’s still believed (or hoped) their fortunes could only be found in a world rife with such conflict, lest any central hold gain the power or greed to steal destiny’s offerings from them all. 

War to these newly minted Wyrmages, was as likened to peace as change was to corruption

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