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Award Winning Poetry: Let’s Make It

I’m looking to win a few awards in poetry competitions this year, and for this I took time to rethink my perspective on writing in general. My (imagined) award-winning piece would be written poetry about some state of the human condition that the reader would find a bit hard to relate to without the use…

Y’all, I just wanna graduate.

I’ve been kind of overwhelmed but writing just a bit. This is a work made for class ~1500 words. Love y’all! Tomin     Long ago, the waveform valleys skirting The Rocky Mountain Range were largely untouched. Along with any traces of its native life, frigid temperatures and winds rocketing from slopes ten thousand feet high…

Having some fun with logic

Here is more practice. I try to practice everyday for as long as possible, but my productions are not usually as fun to read. Here is me focusing on voice and all that jazz. Excerpt : Story of a Mage Over the course of my youth schooling at the Iuden’s Sonorium, a saying became popular…

Man Attempts to Burn the Sea

Here is a continuance from yesterday, step by step by step. Story of Mages – 🙂  After a splash of salty water to his face and neck, he removed the bedraggled holy Tempe, revealing a set underneath of curtly shorn black leather, light armor. Buttons and pockets made up most of the armor’s surface, each…

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